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成人の日-The coming of age day in Japan



It’s the coming of age day in Japan. Congratulations for coming of age! There are some people who wear Furisode ( Kimono for mainly coming of age ) in also Arashiyama. It’s so nice weather for celebrations today and it seems it’s good to wear Kimono for tourists.

さて、Cafe de salanでは今朝もたくさんの京野菜が届いております。


Then, we’ve prepared many special Kyoto Vegetables for you.

In the last year, though it was little difficult to harvest vegetables because of typhoon and rain storm, many great vegetables have arrived here from farmer.



“Kujo-negi ( welsh onions ) which Mr. Murata made and we use for our curry is wholesaled for Toyosu market in Tokyo from this January.

But, you can eat his special “Kujo-negi” only here, so please visit us and try one!

もちもちのわらび餅いかがですか? -Why don’t you try to have Japanese warabi-mochi?



It seems to become cold today more than yesterday. Please take care when you come to Arashiyama. (Actually our staffs have caught a cold ;()



Thank you for visiting from early morning. Today’s popular menu is “Matcha and kinako (soy bean flour) warabi-mochi (bracken starch dumpling)”. The texture is soft and good, in Japanese, we say “mochi-mochi”. Also we have a hot chocolate with marshmallows and more hot drinks. Please visit us and try to have it!

cafe de salanでの美味しい思い出を! Why don’t you have a delicious memory with us?




Good morning! Today’s first order is the “Hot Yakimochi Zenzai (Red beans with baked rice cake), this come with a hot green tea. This is one of our recommendations for you.



The weather is not so good today but we want you to go back with a delicious memory having a delicious food and dessert at the cafe de salan. Please visit us!

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